Public Employee Home Buying Discount

April 27, 2016

ATTENTION Public Employees!

Do you know any city, county, or state employees? Please tag them here!

We have a new program that gives an incredible homebuyer credit for public employees here in Arizona.

If you have a friend or relative thinking about buying a home, please tag them here or share this post! They could qualify for discounted closing costs thanks to the generous Phoenix "PED" Program. 

PED = Public Employee Discount

The PED Program includes a discount on closing costs. It's a grant, not a loan!

For details on the PED program, visit:

Here's a full list of Arizona employees who qualify for this program:
•Employees of a public agency
•Arizona Public School Districts
•Arizona State Universities
•Arizona Community Colleges
•Arizona Judicial System
•Arizona Public Health Departments
•Arizona Local Government Entities

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